BEAUTY WELLNESS PACKAGE: The WISEBEAUTY Beauty Wellness Package is the complete Active Beauty Line. Uniting the sweetness of the Beauty Package with the medicinal essences of the Wellness Package.

WISESCENTS – Unisex Rose Water Mist: The essence of rose not only soothes the soul it smoothes away unwanted puffiness while hydrating your skin. A mist of WISESCENTS Unisex Rosewater Mist makes every season feel like spring, while the scent showers you in love. Use as an afterbath splash, aftershave astringent or afternoon pick-me-up. Active Taoist Meditation: “One who is not in a hurry eventually wins the race.” WISEBATH – Milled Oat Scrub: While Oats exfoliate your skin, Milk will nourish and moisturize. In addition to renewing tired skin, WISEBATH Milled Oat Scrub draws on the anti-aging healing properties of Thyme and the fragrant polish of Rose Petals and Orange Peel. Active Taoist Meditation: “Meet life where it is and integrity will be preserved.” WISESKIN – Elixir Salve (3 oz.): The emollient qualities of Olive Oil infused with Healing Herbs are bound in nature’s miraculous Bees Wax. WISESKIN Elixir Salve softens the most problem areas, nourishes wounds to promote healing, and protects burns from infections. Active Taoist Meditation: “Give attention to the smallest things to simplify the complicated.” WISETASTE – Beat-A-Cold Tea: The uncountable healing properties that depict Ginger are augmented with the soothing pungency of Thyme and Sage. The dispersing, energizing warmth of WISETASTE Beat-A-Cold Tea eases respiration, opens sinuses, reduces pain and relaxes the body to renew your vitality. Active Taoist Meditation: “You can rest in your essence where true safety lies.” WISEHEAD – Healing Scalp Oil: Use of Rosemary Oil has shown memory improvement, pain reduction & anti-depression effects as well as hair growth and scalp conditioning. While assisting in pain relief, WISEHEAD Healing Scalp Oil adds Lavender and Bay Oils to round out the fragrance. Active Taoist Meditation: “The less you take the more you gain.”

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