Personal Training Series – 5 sessions

$675.00 (Price per session $135)

Upper West Side Commute Fee $25.00

Five sessions will offer you an understanding of how to integrate active meditation into your exercise program and give focused attention to an area of concern.

Schedule Personal Training, NYC ~ Tammy Wise 646-425-4206

One-on-one training connects you to and assesses your personal psyche-muscular condition, recognizes structural misalignments and the domino effect that ensues in your posture. This is an intimate look at how your mind and body have together shaped your presence in the world; and step-by-step support in strengthening or surrendering what is necessary to be your ambition. Train to be your strength!

A consultation can be tailored to your home or gym environment, and a series of training sessions will be determined dependent on what your fitness and postural goals are in relation to your present condition.

(All additional gym fees are added to rate/All series have a 3-month expiration/$20 travel is added outside Upper Westside of Manhattan)

Schedule Personal Training, NYC ~ Tammy Wise 646-425-4206

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