WISESCENTS – Unisex Rosewater Mist


Although we associate roses with the emotions of love, roses are also known for they’re physical healing properties. The essence of rose not only soothes the soul it smoothes away unwanted puffiness while hydrating your skin. After soaking roses to extract their essential earthiness and distilling the liquid down to it lightest form, rose essential oils from around the world are added to create an exotic garden fragrance. WISESCENTS Unisex Rosewater Mist is as light to the touch as it is full-bodied to your sensuous sense of smell. A mist of rose makes every season feel like spring, while the scent showers you in love. Use as a light astringent, after bath splash or afternoon pick-me-up.

Active Taoist Meditation: “One who is not in a hurry eventually wins the race.”

4 oz. Organic Skin Care Ingredients & Natural Healing Qualities: Distilled Water – weightless mist; Vodka – extracting agent; Rose Petals – earthy; Bulgarian Rose Oil – sharp & permeating fragrance; Turkish Rose Oil – light & sweet fragrance; Chinese Rose Oil – sophisticated & musky fragrance

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