Train in the Art of Strength

Starts March 15th

Are you in a ping pong game between feigning tough and feeling fragile?

Inconsistent energy levels, wavering confidence, and discontent keep you chasing your strength.

You may exercise, eat well, and lead a healthy life, but something is keeping you from fully enjoying your life. You want something meaningful to ignite you!

As a mind-body strength expert, I help people discover their body’s intelligence, quiet their mind’s judgments, and transform their tension into strength.

I bring you on a journey that ignites your strength from the inside out!

The RELAXED STRENGTH CHALLENGE applies Tao principles and active meditation to resistance training.

The RELAXED STRENGTH CHALLENGE gives you a foundational understanding of how your energy is motivated––and an approach to accessing and channeling that energy to achieve your full strength.

Based in Tao theory and practiced in your workouts, this is the how-to for living relaxed on the inside and strong on the outside.

The RELAXED STRENGTH CHALLENGE is a 5-week deep dive that offers:

What people are saying:

“No one has ever gotten me to show up at the same bat-channel and same bat-time for 5-weeks in a row! The Relaxed Strength Challenge, not only helped me lose weight and gain alignment, I’ve sustained both. No more leg and back pain! The mind body aspect helped me to de-stress my sensitive gut issues, while recharging the rest of me. It was an eye-opening multi-layered experience with a super supportive group connection.”


  • Weekly Coaching Calls with Tammy and a Private On-Line Group for between call questions.

  • FIVE WEEKLY MIND BODY STRENGTH WORKOUTS that reference your body’s emotional blueprint to understand and release chronic tension while building strength, flexibility and resilience.

  • THREE WEEKLY TWO-MINUTE WORKINS for quick reminders to connect to your strength, wellness, and delight between workouts.

  • ONE WEEKLY BODY JOURNEY for walking or resting positions that develop your relationship with your body’s inherent wisdom.


  • A signed copy of The Art of Strength: Sculpt the Body ~ Train the Mind; accompanying Relaxed Strength Journal; and, two Dyna-bands.

  • a FREE 3-Month BodyLogos App Membership!