Poor posture doesn’t just look bad—it’s got consequences.

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) are responsible for 34% of all lost workdays.
  • These disorders cost companies 1 of every 3 dollars spent on workman’s compensation.
  • Half of those cases are caused from excess computer use, says OSHA.

Sitting still is as strenuous as hard labor!

Alleviate the buildup of tension responsible for: MSDs and work culture malaise simultaneously, by transforming the computer crunch epidemic as a company concern. Aligning as a team aligns its individuals mentally and physically.

The power of posture is in how it leads you to feeling your own relevance on the job.

I take a holistic approach that few others do. It’s a simple three-step process:

BONUS––A 12-minute alignment video that extends the program materials from sitting to standing. This will keep your efforts in focus well after the program and addresses sit-stand workstations.

Connecting the dots between physical posture and mental alignment as a team mission can be transformative for your company—and uplevel how your employees feel when they come into work, and how they feel about their job when they leave.


  • FULL Program: ($4,000-$5,000) This option can be a hybrid delivery using live and virtual teachings. It includes STRONG and RELAXED steps live or virtual; and, INSPIRATION is live hands-on, 1:1 personal attention, with each employee at their
  • HALF Program: ($2,500-$4,000) This option can be a hybrid delivery using live or virtual teachings. It includes STRONG and RELAXED steps only.
  • ONE & DONE Program: ($500-$750) This option delivers the STRONG step only, live or virtual.


  • Virtual teaching provides recorded Zoom versions for absentees.
  • Price varies depending on virtual or live delivery and size of company.

Here’s what you can expect from my Computer Crunch session:

  • Clearer understanding of how posture affects productivity
  • Address the most common triggers of pain and stress at work
  • How to align mind and body for optimal efficiency through simple behavioral and postural changes
  • How to stay engaged and alert at work, without being drained

“Tammy Wise’s “Correct the Computer Crunch” program might just save us! It’s a perfect fix for all of us tied daily to a computer monitor and keyboard.  Her program is intelligent, practical, and easy to bring into the office.  She combined theory and demonstration in a
thoughtful group discussion setting, and then individually coached people at their work stations.   Her visit to our office improved our postures, made us each more comfortable and focused, and provided a much-needed antidote to the gravitational pull of our desks.  It’s a
great way to bring wellness into the workplace!”
Sandra Pinnavaia, Business Talent Group

Transform Your Computer Crunch into Peak Performance Posture!

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