Change Your Work-Posture ~ Change Your Work-Culture!

Relieve workload tension to improved workplace culture & your bottom line.

Poor posture doesn’t just look bad—it’s got consequences.

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) are responsible for 34% of all lost workdays
  • These disorders cost companies 1 of every 3 dollars spent on workman’s compensation
  • Half of those are caused from excess computer use, says OSHA.

Sitting still is as strenuous as hard labor!

But it’s not just about sitting. It’s about how we work—and how it affects us.

What would happen if you could alleviate the built-up tension and cumulative damage caused by hours of sitting and poor posture?
Well, a lot more than you think.

Alleviate the buildup of tension responsible for: MSDs and work culture dis-ease simultaneously, by transforming the computer crunch epidemic as a company mindset. Aligning as a team aligns its individuals mentally and physically.

Look, anyone can tell you sit up straight—but that’s not the power of posture.

I take an approach that few others do. It’s a simple three-step process:

  • Teach musculoskeletal POSTURE – 30-minute lunch-and-learn where you will learn what musculoskeletal POSTURE can do for your physical and mental state; and see how this affects your overall productivity, focus and pain relief.
  • Share the 3-Breath Reset EXERCISE – address existing physical tension with stretches and improve mental focus with active meditation.
  • Integrate mind-body ALIGNMENT – 10-minute 1:1 attention at your workstation. This personal assessment is meant to integrate personal and professional mind-body ALIGNMENT and correct individual issues.
  • BONUS–You will gain access to a 12-minute video that reviews and develops the materials to keep your efforts in focus well after the session.

Connecting the dots between physical posture and mental alignment with your team’s mission can be transformative—and change how your employees feel when they come into work, and when they leave.

Here’s what you can expect from my Computer Crunch session:

  • Clearer understanding of how posture affects productivity
  • Address the most common triggers of pain and stress at work
  • How to align mind and body for optimal efficiency through simple behavioral and postural changes
  • How to stay engaged and alert at work, without being drained

Would love to hop on a call and talk to you about how I can help your team.
Up your productivity and employee satisfaction today with the bodyLOGOS Method!

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“Tammy Wise’s “Correct the Computer Crunch” program might just save us! It’s a perfect fix for all of us tied daily to a computer monitor and keyboard.  Her program is intelligent, practical, and easy to bring into the office.  She combined theory and demonstration in a thoughtful group discussion setting, and then individually coached people at their work stations.   Her visit to our office improved our postures, made us each more comfortable and focused, and provided a much-needed antidote to the gravitational pull of our desks.  It’s a great way to bring wellness into the workplace!”

Sandra Pinnavaia, Business Talent Group