1:1 Support with Strength Training

bodyLOGOS Personal Training

bodyLOGOS is strength training that relaxes you into your strength.

By using the release of held tensions to connect to resistance and recognizing relationships between isolated muscles and specific emotions, your strength is unleashed into action!

On Your Own Strength Training

The Art of Strength

Sculpt the Body – Train the Mind

Tao theory practiced in your workouts! This is a how-to for living Relaxed on the Inside & Strong on the Outside.

  • The BOOK shares a comprehensive philosophy on how energy optimally flows through the body and how tension obscures that flow.
  • The 15 VIDEO tutorials demonstrate internal and external movement using an innovative combination of a 3D avatar and live video model to channel your strength effectively.
  • The LEARNING SYSTEM reveals the emotional root of physical tension using the BodyLogos Psyche-Muscular Blueprint.