I Speak About Alignment as a Psyche-Muscular Phenomenon

Thirty-four percent of lost workdays are due to musculoskeletal tension; fifty percent of disabling health conditions in adults are due to musculoskeletal disease. Tension crushes our will to align because we think the cause is outside ourselves—the other guy. But it’s not. Tension is our unwillingness to change our story—an unwillingness to stretch beyond what we know. Tension is evidence of our own misalignment.

I believe that when you change your posture—you change your life!

Learn how to rescue yourself from tension as you explore standing in your strength, using a combination of BodyLogos theory, story and practical posture applications. The BodyLogos theory supports you in “feeling” your body’s reactivity to your personal story which is causing misalignment. My stories support you in “thinking” about the ways you could adjust your mind-body reactions to resolve misalignment. Storytelling, yours and mine, inspire change. Body, mind, and Spirit come into alignment and you transform. Make your work-culture a thriving health-culture!

My message is that enduring misalignment is surviving, not thriving.

I speak to groups and organizations of all sizes to help them transform tension into strength. Here are just a few of the topics I can cover with your group, and also happy to customize one for your specific needs:


I help people understand strength is not the will to endure; rather, it is the foresight to create change in themselves or their environment. People are riddled with tension, exhausted by should-be ideal-ology, and fall despairingly into physical and emotional suffering because they try to toughen up so they can endure their conditions.


I teach the power of alignment. Alignment is established by stretching relaxation through the body’s central plumb line. Using relaxation to align bones and muscles will align people’s minds and spirits as well.


I teach how the body is a walking, talking Psyche-Muscular Blueprint of your life story. Every belief you have adopted in response to your life story is expressed through your body’s posture and its response to challenge.