The Tao of Strength Training DVD Package & Downloads

Repetition creates change and location is everything! The Tao of Strength Training can follow you everywhere you go, so you can easily establish a lifestyle of mind-body awareness and strength.

The Tao of Strength Training DVD Package: three motivational 30-minute workouts set to original music and live percussion. Complete with educational booket and Dynaband! Each isolated challenge is accompanied with an active meditation focus and the workout closes with an additional still meditation.

The Tao of Strength Training Workout Downloads: each 30-minute workout download has a different focus:


Workout Focus – abdominals as your central power source.

Muscle Groups – abdominal, chest, quadriceps, calves, and triceps.

Still Meditation – guides you to release holding patterns and experience your full size.


Workout Focus – balancing active and counter-active forces in movement.

Muscle Groups – abdominal, back, biceps, and hamstrings.

Still Meditation – identifies hyperactive energy and deliberately slows it down for a renewed experience in your posture.


Workout Focus – awareness of your psyche-muscular blueprint.

Muscle Groups – abdominal, shoulders, and buttocks.

Still Meditation – experience stability and flexibility through the curves of your spine.

Dynabands: All workouts use a Dynaband as the resistance tool. Available in three resistances—individual or 3-pack.