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Tammy Wise is a widely respected fitness expert and practitioner of holistic healing and Taoist minister. She is the founder and creator of BodyLogos Inc., a Mind-Body Fitness, Wellness and Beauty Company. 

Her holistic fitness method,  BODYLOGOS® – Tao of Fitness, integrates Western strength training and Eastern meditation disciplines. In 2004 she released her mind-body fitness video, “The Tao of Strength Training.”  In 2007 the bodyLOGOS® movement expanded into beauty products with, WISEBEAUTY™ – Active Beauty, bringing traditional Tao meditations into daily beauty regimens.

Presently, she is writing and producing a bodyLOGOS Book/3D-Video learning system to share her methodology on-line and to support her state accredited Teacher Training Program.

Tammy Wise complements her teaching of bodyLOGOS® with a private practice in the traditional Taoist healing arts. Mind-body alignment is her central focus.  Active meditation is her method. bodyLOGOS® is her movement.

Notes from the editors

“We’re planning to re-run a mind-body workout program you created for us that ran way back in the September 2005 issue (!). It’s such a great workout, and I think it still holds up beautifully after all these years (2012).”

Alexa ShermanNatural Health Magazine

“I wanted to first let you know that “Wake Up Weights” story you helped us with got top ratings by our readers–it was THE most popular/highest scoring piece, in the front of the book section of the magazine for October. Thanks SO much for your help—you made it what it was.”

Terri Trespicio body and soul magazine

My Latest Publications

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Tammy has been featured widely in the media including: