A Beach Workout that works for the Boardroom

The typical Beach Workout focuses on Abdominals, Chest and Biceps, leaving you with your belly in, chest up and arms pumped! When referencing the BodyLogos Psyche-Muscular Map you realize you are simultaneously connecting to what you intuitively know through your abdominals, what inspires your heart through your chest and what you want to pull closer to you through your biceps. What a perfect recipe for entering the boardroom the next time you have a big presentation or to prep for your next job interview. Trusting what arouses your heart and feeling inspired to pull it toward you is useful in business and social settings.

Start your workout with an Abdominal Series and focus on experiencing your body’s weight rather than producing a large movement. Slowly carry your weight with grace instead of throwing it around. Experience your strength as power and your weight as groundedness.  Be the mindful person who’s in charge of his or her own destiny.

Now that you’re connected and centered inwardly, alternate between Chest and Biceps Exercises.  Start with the big muscles of the chest. As you connect the lift of the chest to the resistance/weight feel like you are leading your life from your heart. Let your chest solidly make contact with the weight before you start moving it and allow your shoulders to relax back.  With each repetition you will feel as if your heart was literally moving forward in the body.

Maintaining this forward lift of the heart, follow the chest set with an exercise for the smaller muscles of the biceps. As the biceps meet the resistance/weight, feel the chest like a helium balloon rising upward as the biceps muscle raises the weight. As you slowly return the weight to it’s starting position, feel as though the heart was smiling. Visualize what you want to pull into your life today as you complete the set.

As you alternate between Chest and Biceps Exercises feel the intuitive knowing from your abdominals rise up through the open smile of the chest and pull the image of today’s vision inward. The quiet knowing of your abdominal center will infuse your movement and generate the belief needed to bring that vision to fruition.

The mind body relationship is always in tact and always responding to the stimuli you present to it, be it through your thoughts or your actions. BodyLogos Active Meditation brings thought and action together to create your life.

BodyLogos Fitness is a mind body approach to movement and posture. The Tao of Strength Training DVD has three half-hour mind body workouts that introduce you to Active Meditation – spiritual fitness.