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BODYLOGOS AT WORK FOR YOU: Getting Clear on What You Need in your Workplace

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Getting Clear on What You Need in your Workplace

by Donia Elizabeth Allen ~ BodyLogos Instructor

Several years ago an exceptional professional opportunity came my way through a friend. The position was in a new field and industry, and I was lucky to get it. I jumped at the chance.

The position itself was also new, and I reported to a member of the senior leadership team. My charge was to manage projects related to preparing this organization for an ambitious change process that included a capital campaign and building project. The unusually talented and hard-working staff was more than capable of handling these projects but even with a brilliant mission and extraordinary team change isn’t easy!

One of the many changes involved a member of the senior leadership moving to a smaller office so that a colleague and I could then move into, and share, her larger office. There was a lot of grumbling: who was going to take the measurements and order the furniture, why did people have to share space, why couldn’t everyone stay put until we all relocated out of the space for renovations?

In the meantime, I was sitting at a tiny work-study desk with no shelves, drawers, or privacy. It was very clear to me that there was no way I was going to be able to manage the projects I’d been tasked with without a more functional workspace. I was the most recent hire, in a new position, in a new industry: I had the most to lose if I didn’t perform well, and a lot to prove.

Fortunately, I had been practicing Bodylogos for a while by this time. I was in the habit, through active meditation, of checking in with myself regularly, asking how I felt about people and situations, and trusting the answers that came to me (abdominal work); with clarifying what I wanted and needed to bring into my life to feel fulfilled and successful (biceps work); and with determining what I needed to practice letting go of (triceps) while maintaining my integrity (shoulder work) and a sense of comfort and safety (buttocks and back muscle work).

“Sculpt the Body ~ Train the Mind,” Bodylogos’ vision statement, makes clear that it’s a physical practice designed to strengthen muscles, and promote postural integrity. But Bodylogos also encourages us to continually explore our psyche-muscular blueprints, to be curious about the relationship between our physical and emotional needs, and our aspirations. As I became more comfortable doing Bodylogos workouts I got better at identifying my strengths and weaknesses, and developing strategies to meet my goals. Over time, I began to practice Bodylogos in my workplace – identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and developing strategic ways of addressing situations within the organization and relationships with colleagues, too.

With the Bodylogos approach in mind, I got clear that what I needed most strategically in that situation was a functional workspace, and so I offered to take the lead on this relatively small office move.  As soon as I volunteered, there was more, and louder grumbling: you’re new, this isn’t fair to you, so-and-so ought to be handling this since it was their idea, it should have been done before you even arrived. It was tempting to join in the kvetching: it was a way for me, as the new person, to bond with colleagues who’d been there a while and also to blow off a little steam as I was anxious about the move, too. But I got clear quickly about this too, specifically, that joining in the complaining wasn’t going to get me what I needed (a more functional workspace), and could potentially put me at risk if it involved complaining about senior leaders and it got back to them.

So I engaged facilities to help me take measurements and make decisions about furniture and packing. I engaged the technology manager to determine to move computers, and other electronics. And I communicated with everyone in the suite affected by the move. By the end of the process I had gotten exactly what I needed: a functional workspace, and a supervisor who was delighted by how smoothly things went. And, crucially, I avoided getting caught up in power struggles and a cycle of bonding through complaining with colleagues, and I stayed true to myself and my values.

I went on to have a stellar professional experience that changed the course of my career, and led to several very dynamic collaborations with colleagues that continue to this day. During this time I also realized the extent to which Bodylogos had become an integral part of my life, and decided to become a Bodylogos instructor so that I could encourage others to try the Bodylogos approach to move their lives and energy in new directions.

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Redefining Strength

I want to change our perception of strength. Strength is the ability to meet resistance and influence an outcome without compromising ourselves. And we already have it.

Strength is not an attribute; it’s a state of being. Gladiators, bodybuilders, and football players demonstrate strength through brute force, sheer willpower, muscle mass, and relentless pursuit. But we’re also quick to identify dancers and martial artists as strong. Their medium taps into a sense of vulnerability, balance, alignment, controlled power, and grace—but no one can deny their strength. Strength may look different on each of us, but it is an inherent part of who we are.

You are not weak by nature; you are stronger than you think. Your strength is not something you need to kill yourself to gain—it is already within you, waiting to be excavated. The key is to stop chasing something you already have and tap into it, so you can manifest that strength in your everyday life.

Because we don’t think we’re strong, we approach resistance with the idea that we’re not enough. We throw everything we have at it and push past our physical, mental, and emotional limitations. We see strength as domination, but it’s not.

When you learn to listen to your body’s divine wisdom, you cultivate a sense of where your body is developing tension instead of standing in its strength. You end the vicious cycle of unrealistic expectations, injury, and self-criticism and learn how to consciously embrace responsible growth. You stop compartmentalizing your strength into emotional, physical, and mental pieces and operate from the strength of your being at all times.

You learn how to align yourself with gravity—instead of working against it—so you can channel your strength to meet life’s resistance. As you meet resistance with equal parts power and alignment, you transform tension into strength

As in the sword dance above, the power lies in bringing just the right amount of force—not too little and not too much. By meeting the sword’s weight, I meet gravity. I am tapped into a larger source of energy, free of tension, and discover a strength that is wholly and uniquely mine.

About Tammy Wise

Tammy Wise is a widely respected mind-body fitness expert based out of New York City, owner of BodyLogos, Inc. author of The Art of Strength: Sculpt the Body ~ Train the Mind. A former Broadway dancer turned Tao minister, Tammy was voted the Best of Fitness by Time Out New York and has appeared in Martha Stewart’s Whole Living magazine, New York Magazine, Natural Health, Shape, and Thrive Global. She’s a Transformational Authors Contest Winner and regular contributor to Honeysuckle magazine and Medium. Visit her at