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Am I Pretty Enough?

My job was to sit quietly and let the potions do their magic, while makeup artist Jennifer Snowdon applied and explained the product line. “Mature Makeup Redefined” is the tagline for Alchimie Forever—a skincare line used as basis for glowing makeup application. I modeled for them at The Brand Summit, presented by The Powder Group. […]

Love asks You to Stand in Your Truth

To create the life we want, we extend into an I-don’t-know-abyss to consider new people and things. And also, stay present in I-know-myself-alliances to manage past people and things. But what happens when the old things shift you back into the I-don’t-know-abyss? As I witness my boyfriend, of two-years, I can happily say that loyalty […]

Choosing You to Reclaim Love

We all know people whose identity is wrapped up in being the funny, smart or artistic one. And their sense of value is dependent on broadcasting that “thing.” Their comments regularly remind listeners of this “thing” they believe makes them lovable using shocking jokes, speaking above the mean, or belittling the artistry of others. Not […]

Fired into Silence

When a take over of new management happens, there are casualties. After 15-years of service, my mother’s aid was fired! Or was it actually silencing the voice of reason that could foresee oncoming problems. The senior residence, mom has called home for 8-years, occupies the old Ringling Brothers Circus base camp. You can easily imagine […]

Life and Death Unite in my Spring Garden

Since my sister’s death I am often visited by her. Have you ever had a dead person visit you? It’s easy to explain it as wishful thinking. And, maybe it is? But the timing and unexpected nature of her visits lead me to think otherwise. It can feel like she’s hanging out in the corner […]

The Measure of Reverence that Transformed Love

A foundation of trust is what we most crave as children. With an alcoholic father and narcissistic mother, that craving was never nourished and a foundation was never laid. I’m sure I’m not alone in this alternative foundation. The way this played out in my story is, uncertainty always plagued me in matters of love. […]

The Cold Aftermath of Rage

Most people believe that the mind body connection affects the quality of their life beyond basic survival. But they don’t necessarily understand how it works? In my experience, mind body awareness hasn’t always stopped the ill-affects that their misalignment causes. Life happens, pressures mount and boundaries are crossed. But mind body awareness does offer a […]

The Boundaries of Tough Love

“As age creeps in we become more of who we’ve always been.” This was my father’s warning before his death. And, as my mother ages, it’s truth is undeniable. Mom’s need has no limits. Her self-care has never started; and, I suspect, her self-respect was lost a long time ago. Tough unconscious pride remains in […]

Belonging isn’t a Place, it’s a Feeling

Like one of Santa’s elves, my typical Christmas is spent driving 100’s of miles in a rent-a-car sleigh filled with presents. Christmas carols are sung from NYC to the Catskill Mountains, then onward to NJ, where I’d land at my sister’s house for Christmas dinner. But when my sister died this year, so did my […]

What is Good Sense?

First of all, good sense lives in your body. Your mind is the messenger. You know how it feels to be unhinged? Your body twitches; your mind haunts. Fear is your emotional guide. You “will” yourself to think positive. But, you “feel” possessed. And, you are. From the inside out, unresolved, misaligned, uncertainty breaks you, […]