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Significance of Sisterhood

When my only sister and sibling died this year, I mourned the comfort of sisterhood. This ending of sisterly familiarity, understanding and inclusion gave rise to a new kind of sisterhood. Feminine UNITY, VISION, and BEAUTY. When death creates an opening, a blank canvas replaces it inviting new life. In the past month a cocoon […]

The COVID Split

COVID split my heart in half when my sister died of it 3-months ago. It felt as if I couldn’t hold my heart together. But 1-year ago today, my heart was also cracked open, allowing love to flow into it so freely and fully. It felt then as well that I couldn’t hold it together. […]

Do You Manage or Resolve Your Pain?

We all cringe when assaulted with hurtful words. Angry daggers spew from desperate mouths in an effort to pacify their underlying fears. These sharp daggers puncture holes in relationships; and, they bury the respect and care that once created unity. A silent scream contracts my neck as I sleep. I wake up to the physical […]

Neck Pain & Overwhelm

  Neck Pain and Overwhelm! You are NOT your body’s pain, but it can sure feel like it when pain strikes! Neck pain is often a precursor to other physical pain because it forms the narrow intersection between mind and body. As your mind gets busier, stimuli through this narrow intersection gets flooded. Headaches, moodiness, […]

Grieving to Healing

It’s the morning after my sister’s funeral and I’m relieved I took the day off. Exhaustion plagues my body and I’m keenly aware of a black hole in my gut. It’s a deep chasm of sadness and heartache. To be expected, I thought. This must be what grieving feels like. Days passed. Everyday I had […]

My Sister’s Scheduled Death

As I float on a train through backyards filled with yesterday’s snow, I prepare myself for my sister’s 6pm death. The creep-factor of the extended days on a ventilator are pacified by her healthy organs being paired for donation. She will die a hero. I wonder… when a ventilator keeps a body alive does our […]

Please Breathe

As my sister remains hooked up to oxygen day after day, week after week, with Covid double pneumonia, I realize the richness of each breath I take. My sister is instructed to lye on her stomach with the oxygen mask adhered to her face to give her lungs the freedom to inflate. In tandem, bent […]

In Limbo for the Holidays

Five days before leaving on our holiday journey my boyfriend tests positive for COVID. I get the more trusted PCR 24-hour test to reassure myself that I can follow through with the holiday solo. 24-hours turns to 48-hours, and I’m now into the 72-hour stint awaiting test results. So many people are in the same […]

YOU Are The One You’ve Been Waiting For Your Whole Life.

~ A Stream of Consciousness ~ Every certification or degree earned, book read or letter written, friend made or lost, you get closer to YOU. Every compliment made, insult received, or opinion shared, beckons YOU into focus. Every boundary passed and challenge met births you more and more into YOU. Life shines through you like […]

Love Hurts… but always serves

Love can turn bad or grow strong. They both hurt. Heart wrenching moments happen when you question someone’s alignment with you or yours with them. But the first question, that we sometimes neglect when in love is, am I aligned with myself? The hurt of love is a deep sword. It asks you to soul-search, […]