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In Limbo for the Holidays

Five days before leaving on our holiday journey my boyfriend tests positive for COVID. I get the more trusted PCR 24-hour test to reassure myself that I can follow through with the holiday solo. 24-hours turns to 48-hours, and I’m now into the 72-hour stint awaiting test results. So many people are in the same […]

YOU Are The One You’ve Been Waiting For Your Whole Life.

~ A Stream of Consciousness ~ Every certification or degree earned, book read or letter written, friend made or lost, you get closer to YOU. Every compliment made, insult received, or opinion shared, beckons YOU into focus. Every boundary passed and challenge met births you more and more into YOU. Life shines through you like […]

Love Hurts… but always serves

Love can turn bad or grow strong. They both hurt. Heart wrenching moments happen when you question someone’s alignment with you or yours with them. But the first question, that we sometimes neglect when in love is, am I aligned with myself? The hurt of love is a deep sword. It asks you to soul-search, […]

Own Your Beauty

Most people I know question their beauty and judge their body. So they hide it with baggy clothes, beat it with fitness, or starve it with diets. But, even if you change your body’s appearance to what you deem preferable, the only thing that can change your relationship with it is trust. Trusting that your […]

Choose YOU

We all want to be chosen, but choosing ourselves can be riddled with judgment and uncertainty. We get a break from this internal scrutiny when someone else approves of us. This distraction offers belonging… but WITH CONDITIONS. How do you know when self-love overrides the habit of satisfying outside expectations to get love from others? […]

Feel Better, Not Bitter, Working Alone at Home

When you love your work it’s easy to mistake it as play. The danger, in our present times of 24/7 on-call home offices, is you can become isolated from unstructured exchanges with the world. You lose touch with where you BELONG. And, a bitterness starts to fester. Belonging leads to intimacy, inwardly and outwardly. And, […]

Align With What Matters

Where Do YOUR Guardian Angels Show-up? Have you ever been shocked into a sense of belonging? When unsolicited help suddenly shows up right when you need it, it’s a peaceful reminder that you must matter. When this kind of grace unfolds, it can make you believe in angels. During COVID, I didn’t ride my motorcycle […]

Love: from a concept to a feeling

Have you ever experienced love as a concept? You know you’re loved. You feel gratitude, inclusion, even safety, by being in the inner circle of people’s lives. But you feel like you don’t really belong anywhere specific. You’re a free spirit who dances with the wind. As a single, solopreneur, woman who rides a motorcycle, […]

My Vaccine Experience: Relax into a New Strength

I got my first vaccine yesterday. Relieved to be half way to freedom, I left Mt. Sinai Hospital with a swift and energized stride. Off to Riverside Park to workout with my next client. As I neared the park, about a half mile distance, I started to feel an urgent need to sit down. I […]

From Duty to Delight

Storytelling in a maze of art. A true story about love, duty and delight. In a search for one’s Self. All eight storytellers of The Courageous Messenger Collective were intended to gather at the Gary Marshall Theater in Burbank, CA. to speak to a live audience and be streamed on-line. Due to COVID we were […]