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Align With What Matters

Where Do YOUR Guardian Angels Show-up? Have you ever been shocked into a sense of belonging? When unsolicited help suddenly shows up right when you need it, it’s a peaceful reminder that you must matter. When this kind of grace unfolds, it can make you believe in angels. During COVID, I didn’t ride my motorcycle […]

Love: from a concept to a feeling

Have you ever experienced love as a concept? You know you’re loved. You feel gratitude, inclusion, even safety, by being in the inner circle of people’s lives. But you feel like you don’t really belong anywhere specific. You’re a free spirit who dances with the wind. As a single, solopreneur, woman who rides a motorcycle, […]

From Duty to Delight

Storytelling in a maze of art. A true story about love, duty and delight. In a search for one’s Self. All eight storytellers of The Courageous Messenger Collective were intended to gather at the Gary Marshall Theater in Burbank, CA. to speak to a live audience and be streamed on-line. Due to COVID we were […]

Second Chance at the Truth

  How do you keep internal peace under external pressure? There are times that your mind analyzes a situation with clarity, yet you’re still triggered emotionally. You can feel trapped in your reaction and blind to a peaceful resolution. Your mind and body are misaligned. The information your mind gathers and the story your body […]

This Holiday Taught Me that Less is More

In these isolating times, we’re all asked as spiritual beings to have gratitude for our aloneness. Those alone for the holiday adjust to take delight in less or we’d crumble. Creativity and kitchen traditions kept me on track as the holiday neared. But when the holiday countdown started, the absence of grounding human contact triggered […]

Tales about the Relaxed Strength Challenge!

  This is a 5-week challenge that kicks off Oct. 19th! The Relaxed Strength Challenge: Daily Mind-Body Strength WorkOUTS that use Dynabands for resistance; One-Minute WorkINS that keep you in your body between workouts; And, Body Journeys that realign you in your body for lasting posture shifts. In addition, you’ll get:  Weekly Group Coaching Calls, […]

A Revolutionary Approach to Fitness

Hello Shape-Shifters, At midnight tonight, registration for the Relaxed Strength Challenge will CLOSE. This is a 5-week challenge that kicks off Oct. 19th! Here’s a final reminder of everything you’re going to get when you join as a Founding Member: • The Relaxed Strength Challenge: o Daily Mind-Body Strength WorkOUTS that use Dynabands for resistance; […]

Adopt a WorkIN WorkOUT

Hello Shape-Shifters, Registration closes in just 24 hours!  On Monday October 19th, 20 new Members of the BodyLogos App will kick off their Shape Shifting journey with the Relaxed Strength Challenge, working closely with me for 5-weeks to transform their misaligned tension into aligned strength. The Relaxed Strength Challenge includes: • Daily Mind-Body Strength WorkOUTS […]