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How is Hutzpah Learned?

Where does your hutzpah come from? Dr. Ruth made a documentary about her story last year. Here’s my short-story! Years of childhood trauma taught me to be tough, and tension was its cohort. I believed strength was the capacity to endure hardship and pain––physical and emotional. And if I was tough enough the tension would […]

Single-Hood Suddenly Feels Like a Life Sentence!

But, it just as suddenly can change. My first weeks in isolation were uncharacteristic and dark. I mean, typically I’ve liked alone time. Thoughts about how long it would be before being touched, or touching another human being, cut like a knife. Hopeless loneliness creeped into every moment. My body was, and continues to be, […]

Practice Comfort

Doubts, about our future, tug at everyone’s nerves. But there is no room for self-doubt when so many of us need to create new avenues of income, and new avenues for connection. Some of you may feel no purpose to guide you; some of you live with no human, animal or plant that affirms your […]

Unseen Things that Collapse Your Chest

  The heart expresses its emotions through the characteristics of your chest muscles. Like a looking glass, everything from your joy to sorrow is visible through this physical transparency. When you cry sad tears your chest muscles collapse inward into the protection of your back. But when you cry tears of joy your chest muscles […]

Find Your Natural Posture

While learning posture’s subtle balance between surrendering and aligning, a student questioned, “shouldn’t good posture be natural––balancing attention between tension and strength is hard?!” I felt that his sentiment should be true, but my experience working with bodies showed otherwise. So I slept on it. (My go-to place when stumped!) As I laid down that […]

Fitness For Living

  You workout, yet you still feel worn out by life. Every demand, expectation and responsibility adds weight to the gravity of your day. What carries your workout vitality into your life? Proper posture is the energy conductor that plugs you into your strength. Posture that is relaxed and aligned wakes up your mind and […]