Our Bodies’ Plea to Our Minds Align with Us

There are power struggles in every partnership. Our relationship with you, an arranged partnership for life, is no exception.

When you ask us to participate in your plans, one of three things happens: Either we jump into physical labor (call to action), dispute the request (communicate our resistance), or share an intuitive insight (Divine intervention).

We feel significant when united with you in a call to action, but that quickly flips to insignificance when we communicate our resistance to, or limitation in, a request.

Too often our value decreases with each limiting belief when, really, the truth meter should rise.

When up against new challenges, old experiences can interfere. You rehash  unresolved fears like: I’m not good enough to be loved! or I haven’t done enough to be valued! The emotional condition that initiated these fear-filled beliefs took root deep inside us as physical tension, laying silent but toxically charged. Triggered by a similar real-time event, this flood of toxic emotions explodes out of its firewall of tension. We, the physical antenna to Divine intelligence, become mute in the event. You’re on your own to choose between buying into the negative belief and emotional upsurge or searching for our muted voice.

Rather than searching for what is hard to hear, too often, you act on your misaligned and toxic beliefs. Our plea to you is to search. Search for significance rather than accepting insignificance. Disentangle the firewall of tensions that smother our connection with Divine intelligence.

It’s understandable how beliefs can be so loud, and tension can be so suppressing, that the calm nurturing truth of Spirit is drowned out. Intuitive, Divine, insightful knowing gets lost in the frenzy. Spirit’s authentic voice can be silenced for so long that we lose touch with who we are, and the tension that insists that we should be something else, better, or more significant dominates lives.

From this severed state, people become robotic, rebellious, or ultra-responsible rather than authentic; and without outside affirmations and accolades, they feel invisible.

These tension patterns continue to feed your beliefs well after an initial incident formed them. Your need-to-be-right mental nature would keep this exchange between emotions and beliefs going forever if we allowed it. But our quest-for-the-truth physical nature has the potential to challenge your toxic beliefs.

The Spiritual guidance that constantly flows through us as Divine energy can soften our tension to permit a change in your perspective. The search for this spiritual guidance, and the practice of listening, needs your attention to be neutral. The power of neutral attention allows for us to align peacefully.

The inner power struggle between mental and physical natures could actually be seen as a power outage. We don’t know how to distinguish right from true once in the throws of being triggered.

Divine intelligence is unaffected by the fears and beliefs that destroy the quality of our relationship. The truth discerned by this voice is calm no matter what the outcome is, unlike the turmoil you experience when insisting misaligned beliefs are right.

I am writing for the collective of human bodies, to remind you that what we feel, sense, intuit, accept, and resist is what makes us significant. Align us with gravity and together we will align with Divine energy.

Show your commitment to channel Divine energy into your thinking patterns, and we can begin to lean on each other peacefully––contently.

I need you––I need my life partner––in alignment with me.

Although this poem is a plea from our bodies to our minds, this is also a love letter to your body’s inherent alliance with Universal energy. I want to help you visualize your body aligning with this energy, which is why I’ve created 3D-videos to illustrate this powerful phenomenon in my new learning system The Art of Strength: Sculpt the Body ~ Train the Mind.  

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