The Moment Posture Transformed My Life

Inspiration creates a oneness with Spirit. You are fully awake and at ease as energy courses through you. I call it relaxed strength, but describe it as grace.

The first time I experienced this phenomenon it was kind of an out-of-body experience. You could call it a trans-state. But truth is, I was literally frightened out of my body’s tension into mind-body alignment. In this aligned trans-state I became a human antenna, a lightening rod that seemed to channel all-that-is through me.

I am reminded of this energy channel when creating art, in love or lost in honest labor. My body connects my know-how and spirit with that of a larger Universal Intelligence.

So now I practice daily, I deliberately surrender tension, to access spiritual intelligence.

As I give up the fight to prove my rightness and relevance I surrender into a relaxed stretch that energizes my body’s natural antenna. The strength that channels through me stretches my bones between earth and sky, dissolving all uncertainty. I feel plugged into a source energy that aligns me with all that could be.

We are led to believe that good posture is something that we do (or should do), but in my experience good, or bad, posture does us. Paying attention to our posture as a guide to feel connected, relaxed and strong is its gift.

Posture expresses what we are carrying inside. It is our story trying to attract or distract our attention.

The Art of Strength: Sculpt the Body ~ Train the Mind, my book/3D-video learning system guides you toward relaxed strength, introduces you to the energy serge of mind-body alignment, and offers a way to translate your posture’s meaning and byway, transform your life.

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