Crafting Your Workouts and the Life You Want: Part 3 of The Art of Strength – The Design Phase

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Crafting Your Workouts and the Life You Want:

Part 3 of The Art of Strength – The Design Phase

Typically, your doctor is the one to ask you, “Where does it hurt?” But I believe we should ask ourselves this same question, and take time scanning our body for a detailed answer. Because once we can pinpoint where it does, in fact, hurt—be it in our legs or back, heart, or soul—we can begin to soothe the suffering and find our strength again.

Your life doesn’t have to be characterized by your pain. Your blocks and tensions, insecurities and weaknesses don’t define you, and it’s possible to move through or clear away these obstacles that stand in the way of you freely connecting with your aspirations.

The final pages of The Art of Strength: Sculpt the Body ~ Train the Mind give you the permission and encouragement to take time for the small things in a world that tells us there isn’t any to spare unless it’s for the big picture. These chapters are a message from me that you deserve to take the time to notice how you stand on your feet, where your shoulder blades rest, and if your core muscles give you the support you need. After all, it is these subtleties that generate the tension in your body, lead to poor posture, and ultimately place you in a life you may not wholly desire.

To design your life is to listen to your body’s wisdom and treat it with compassion; doing so effectively undermines the message that pain is acceptable. It gives you the chance to say goodbye to tension and hello to ease, peace, and, yes, strength.


What Does All This Have to Do With Workouts?!

Part 3 shows you how to holistically appraise the condition of your strength. In other words, to discern “where it hurts.” Are you in physical pain? Feeling emotionally drained? Experiencing chaos in your day-to-day routine, or just generally feeling disconnected from your life? This appraisal gets at the root of your holding patterns, or the areas in which you aren’t standing in your strength.

No matter where your tension is rooted, these expressions of misalignment create a consistent and recognizable pattern. By tracking this pattern’s nature, you can establish a general framework for crafting your ideal mind-body strength-training workout.

Part 3 of The Art of Strength helps you design workouts suited to your specific condition, so that you can design the life of your dreams. Find out:

  • The BodyLogos blueprint for workout success in both your psyche and muscular worlds.
  • If your pattern is hyper, hypo, or hyper/hypo, and learn how to manage your energy in your workouts to create alignment and balance.
  • What specific workout approaches and exercises to use to target your specific condition and goals—to correct physical complaints like pain and numbness or emotional imbalances, to then realign with your spirit.
  • Which meditations to use in your workouts and in your life to diffuse reactivity and establish intention, plus instructions for meditating on the active and counter-active pathways of movement.


When you work out, each exercise is a unifying tool for your mind, body, and spirit. According to Tao values, the backbone of the BodyLogos philosophy, mind and body are equal but not the same. Where the body’s intelligence is in feeling and expressing emotion, the mind’s intelligence is in collecting information and thinking. From a place of harmony between mind and body, you can access the spirit’s supreme intelligence, and positive change is possible.

Resolving inner conflict—clearing holding patterns—avails you to a meaningful purpose that leads to true happiness; it connects you to your life’s path. Releasing the tension that keeps your body, mind, and spirit separated is what allows you to permanently forgo a reactive pattern with ease.

I hope these summaries have you intrigued about BodyLogos and leave you ready to embark on the BodyLogos practice to influence your posture, workouts, and life. Unlike other strength-training programs, BodyLogos asks you to approach the experience of strength from your deepest vulnerability and desires, because to stand in your strength is to have the courage to stand in your frailty. As I hope you can now see, strength truly is an art, and it is my wish that you’ll allow me to help you paint a new, more powerful portrait of yourself.

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