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Hello Shape-Shifters,

Registration closes in just 24 hours! 

On Monday October 19th, 20 new Members of the BodyLogos App will kick off their Shape Shifting journey with the Relaxed Strength Challenge, working closely with me for 5-weeks to transform their misaligned tension into aligned strength.

The Relaxed Strength Challenge includes:
• Daily Mind-Body Strength WorkOUTS that use Dynabands for resistance (Dynabands provided),
One-Minute WorkINS that keep you in your body between workouts,
• and Body Journeys that realign you in your body for lasting posture shifts.
In addition, you’ll get:
• weekly group Coaching Calls,
• A Facebook Community for support between Coaching Calls,
Active Meditations for everyday living,
Videos and Dynabands for your keeping.
• And a FREE 6-month BodyLogos App Membership!

People are signing up! Will you be the next one!?

Hiie Saumaa PhD, somatic movement educator, writer and BodyLogos Instructor shares:
“BodyLogos teacher training has been one of the most treasured gifts of my life. Tammy’s work empowers and heals the practitioner. I now not only sculpt the body during my workouts, but also use it as sacred time. I see myself and other people with more clarity by exploring how consciousness is being mapped on the body. BodyLogos is the work of a master, a work of art.”  

If you want to achieve this sort of result in the upcoming 5-weeks and beyond, comment below with: Relaxed Strength!

Then I’ll send you the details to schedule a FREE 1:1 call with me to see if this is a Right-For-You Program.

Comment below NOW to reserve your space.
Embody Success ~ Tammy

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