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When You’re Aligned, You’re Never Alone

  Do you experience your body as a spiritual instrument or a mechanical frame? If we recognize “spiritual” as a connection with the greater whole––Creation––and the body’s relationship with gravity as a connection with the Universe, then our physical relationship with gravity is a spiritual practice. Our physical posture is a part of Nature’s spiritual […]

Pain is Wisdom’s Cry

Let’s face it, pain S-U-C-K-S! It robs us of our vitality. But I trust my body’s wisdom. And pain is it’s only way of letting me know I’m out of alignment. It’s my body asking me to listen to its message. And I’ve learned it will continue to escalate until I face it’s insistence. Trauma, […]

Toughness Is Tension

I know when my body’s tension is leading the show. I feel insatiably reactive. My muscles grip the need to succeed or survive. And when successful, I experience this toughness as strength. The harder I push the tougher I get. I applaud my toughness in one moment… but judge it’s limitations in another. Problem is, […]

I’ve Mistaken Myself As My Book

Why a difference of opinion feels like conflict My book’s purpose is to share tools that have helped me to take responsibility for the quality of my own life. It uses physical posture to relax emotional triggers so that the comfort of underlying truths are realized. The effectiveness of these tools is unquestionable to me. […]

Is It Tao or Dao?

Is it Tao te Ching or Dao de Jing? The spelling of Chinese words is confusing and inconsistent. Here’s an explanation. Chinese writing consists of simplified images called pictograms, which represent words. Many Chinese pictograms combine two or more images. So the word for forest is simply a few trees combined into one pictogram. The […]

Aflame with Sensations

BODYLOGOS = The Body’s Divine Wisdom It is a Practice and a Lifestyle outlined in  The Art of Strength: Sculpt the Body ~ Train the Mind Aflame with Sensations by Hiie Saumaa – BodyLogos Instructor “Just thinking about exercising makes me feel tired.” This is how a handsome, stylish, and strong looking man in his late […]

Crafting Your Workouts and the Life You Want: Part 3 of The Art of Strength – The Design Phase

The BodyLogos Philosophy: Now In Book/Video Form! Whether you’re a visual, aural or verbal learner, you’ll discover how to release tension and build strength. Order your copy of The Art of Strength: Sculpt the Body ~ Train the Mind, a pioneering book/3D video learning system today!   Crafting Your Workouts and the Life You Want: […]