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Feeling the Pinch of the Holidays?

Let It Direct Your New Year’s Resolution The NYC craft fairs are an art-filled, outdoor, community experience that gets everyone in the holiday spirit. It is a unique and wonderful holiday shopping frenzy. I find myself dashing through them between clients, at the end of my work days, or over the weekend to get all […]

A Posture Quirk We All Share

Rewire Your Core Strength My life has been committed to dance, fitness and posture. And although everyone I have ever worked with has a unique tension template that presents a unique posture blueprint of his or her life story, there is a generic posture quirk that we all seem to share. We typically keep our […]

Inner Space––The New Frontier

Empower the Space in your Pelvis     Remember Carol Burnett’s secretary character, Wanda Wiggins, played opposite Tim Conway? She was a constant distraction to her boss, Mr. Tudball. In addition to having an exceptionally low IQ, her blonde curls, fitted skirt, baby-doll sway back and turned in legs left Mr.Tudball persistently bewildered and distracted. […]

Relax the Need to Be Heard

Find the Innocence of Listening You know that sinking feeling you get when you have your hand up in a class or round table talk and the mediator isn’t calling on you? You have something relevant to say, but the powers that be silence you. Typically for me, after recognizing that the dialogue was going […]


When We Stop Chasing It––We Experience It. Allowing myself to sleep in past 6AM, a gesture that I don’t often make to myself, I listened to my two cats scampering about in a determined crazy-cat frenzy. If you’re a cat owner, you know that untamed state that possesses our sweet kitties and then mutates them […]

Loneliness is a Gift!

Embrace the Self-Acceptance of Solitude   Pushing something away has enough fear, anger or purpose in it to fuel the separation. Letting-go has only the loss of what was. Pushing away or refraining from the things you love, like too much chocolate cake or too many martinis; or to stop an activity you enjoy so […]

Create Me-Space Throughout Your Day

Do you like your job? Well it turns out a staggering 70% of employees either, hate or are completely disengaged from their jobs. This Gallup poll also said that even alluring workplace perks like nap rooms, free lunches, and massages did nothing to improve engagement. It makes sense. Perks don’t address how we connect with […]

GIVE UP ON PERFECTION… and embrace certainty.

A child shrugs their shoulders in a quick up-down motion to communicate, I dun’no? They’re not worried about not knowing. As an adult, the worry of not knowing can raise our shoulders with such a silent eerie creep that they freeze in that position. When we finally notice their up-tightness, we worry that if they […]