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A How-To for Targeting Tension and Standing Strong:

Introducing The Art of Strength

Flourished by Fire, a concert pianist with arthritis in both hands, broke her wrist and learned she had the beginnings of osteoporosis. Her doctor told her to start strength training to increase her bone density and improve her diagnoses, yet she couldn’t hold weights, since doing so would exacerbate the curled-in state of her wrists and hands. But she wasn’t just physically curled inward, she had long been emotionally curled inward, too, and these difficulties only made her retreat inside further. She wanted to reverse this multi-dimensional degenerative pattern.

Family Terrain was overseeing her aging mother’s open-heart surgery and subsequent move for rehabilitation—with little help and a lot of resistance from her siblings. She had six weeks to select the most treasured valuables from her mom’s home and downsize her living quarters from an entire house to a single room. For four months, she traveled six hours on the weekends and worked every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to support this family crisis. At the end of her mom’s transition, Family Terrain felt like a slave to, rather than a member of, her family. She returned to her regular life, feeling sad, taken for granted, and angry. She had a constant pain in her neck.

For Melted Motivation, the dread started with a pinch in his lower back that would progress into a searing pain that radiated down the back of his legs. He felt fragile, like he could break with each impending step—that a wrong move would render him socially and professionally crippled. So he crippled himself: Melted Motivation’s desire to take on greater challenges at work, his confidence in personal relationships, and his want to explore new experiences were replaced with isolation, solo ventures, and a deep need to control his environment. Melted Motivation wanted his zest for life back.

Do you see yourself in any of these stories? Maybe you’re going through a period of stress, and your mind and body are feeling and showing the effects? Maybe a lifetime of physically demanding work has left you with aches and you wonder, and worry, about what happens next? Or maybe you’re at a crossroads in your life, and tension is keeping you stopped at the intersection when what you really want to do is put your foot on the gas and drive into the sunset?


Yes, I’m going to say that my BodyLogos approach to strength training can help. But it’s not the silver bullet, you are. BodyLogos shows you how to connect to your posture, energy, Spirit Self, and the Universe in new ways, but you make mind–body change happen.

Each of the three wonderful humans whose stories are shared here came to me to learn BodyLogos’ unique combination of strength training and Tao theory. Through subtle alignment changes and precise coaching to channel energy flow, which I am now sharing with you as at-home video sessions, they learned to use their bodies as self-healing compasses.

  • Flourished by Fire found her skeletal alignment and learned to channel her energy. She used wrist weights to get her physical strength and mental confidence back, and slowly her hands began to relax more and react less. “You’ll never amount to anything” was replaced with the realization that “I am a recognized and successful musician and woman.” Flourished by Fire used videos 6 and 12 to help surrender the excessive tension she held herself together with and channel her determination in a more empowering and effective way.
  • Family Terrain shifted her posture to allow her chest and heart to lift and open; she realized she was trying to be loved and instead started loving herself. This shift relieved her neck’s reactivity, and she was able to strength train without pain again. The exercises shared in videos 5 and 11 and chapter 2 of The Art of Strength helped Family Terrain successfully reveal the old holding pattern, and reset a new one, to move forward with a more positive and neutralized perspective; shift your perspective today!
  • Melted Motivation learned to maintain a neutral alignment, gradually easing the longstanding holding pattern in his back. He balanced relaxation and strength throughout his musculoskeletal system, and in so doing revealed insights around his need to be perfect. Self-awareness led him to less pain and more energy, which reinforced his connection with life and people. Through the exercises shared in videos 4, 11, and 15, Melted Motivation decompressed his posture and maintained it through peaceful and challenging times; I want the same for you, and hope you’ll read and follow along.

You, too, can develop a conscious relationship with your pain and find caring deliverance from its grip. But I recognize that not everyone lives in New York City and can visit me to get started on the healing path. That’s why I’ve written my brand-new book, The Art of Strength: Sculpt the Body ~ Train the Mind, a how-to learning system (accompanied by fifteen 3D-videos) for releasing the tension—whether physical, mental, emotional, or all of the above—that keeps you from connecting to your life’s purpose and standing, walking, and living in your strength.

Stay tuned right here to my blog for the next six weeks to learn much more about what you’ll find inside The Art of Strength; each week, I’ll give you sneak peaks at what’s inside its pages.

PS: Want to know more about Flourished by Fire, Family Terrain, and Melted Motivation’s journeys? I tell their full stories in the book. Pre-order your copy today!

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