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You workout, yet you still feel worn out by life. Every demand, expectation and responsibility adds weight to the gravity of your day.

What carries your workout vitality into your life?

Proper posture is the energy conductor that plugs you into your strength.

Posture that is relaxed and aligned wakes up your mind and muscle’s. You plug into gravity—a universal energy Source. After all, we are an energy resource—we die. The universe is an energy Source—it’s infinite!

When posture isn’t considered you use up your energy reserve quickly. You crave sleep and food to recharge, or external stimulants to keep up. Posture extends the life of your body’s battery of life force.

Listen to this 17-minute talk, broadcast from the Gary Marshall Theater in Burbank California, about the power of posture.

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    Janet Rich Pittman says:

    My grandmother, 19898-1995 loves you. She is constantly with you in spirit. All my life as a child she would hug me then follow with her typical chant “Hold your shoulders back, suck in your tummy’. Growing up as a lanky string bean taller than all of my peers, male and female, confidence was tough. Like you, she caressed mental acuity into my mind. Today, I now do the same with my niece who does not quite have my height but still. Your mantra I especially tout to my clients whose cognizance is severely weakening. Keep touting! It is so needed and appreciated!

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      Tammy Wise says:

      The only tweek I might say to grandmother is, RELAX your shoulders back. Once they’re there they need not be held. The chest’s open smile keeps the shoulders back effortlessly. Thanks for sharing your grandmother with us Janet.


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